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TE Connectivity's New Low Rho SMD Series Helps Save Space, Cost and Power Consumption in Mobile Electronics

September 18, 2012

MENLO PARK, Calif., Sept. 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- TE Circuit Protection, a business unit of TE Connectivity Ltd. (NYSE: TEL), has announced a new family of nine low rho (low-resistance) SMDs (surface-mount devices) designed for space-constrained mobile applications. The devices help provide both overcurrent and overtemperature protection for the battery pack PCMs (protection circuit modules) used in compact consumer devices such as smartphones, MP3/4 players and portable GPS units. The low rho SMD series addresses a need in the consumer-driven mobile device market for a low-cost, low power consumption and flexible solution for today's increasingly compact products.


Manufacturers of handheld consumer products require the smallest possible components that occupy the least amount of board space while helping reduce production costs. Fulfilling these demands, the low rho SMD products provide low-resistance in an industry-standard form factor of 1210 (3.0mm ×2.54mm; or 0.12in×0.10in), 1206 (3.0mm×1.52mm; or 0.12in×0.060in), or 1812 (3.0mm×4.57mm; or 0.12in×0.18in) thus meeting board space requirements. In addition, these devices can be assembled with a reflowable soldering technique, as opposed to the spot welding process required by many other components, to save board space and reduce production costs.

The low rho SMD device resistance is just 10 to 25 milliohms after reflow process. The devices' low resistance helps reduce power consumption and improve battery efficiency. The nine new devices in the low rho SMD series are all designed for an operating current of 2A and above.

"Overall, our new low rho SMD series offers flexibility and maximizes options for manufacturers who must meet today's design requirements for a wide range of device sizes," said  Andrew Xu , Product Manager-S line, TE Circuit Protection. "Battery pack suppliers in particular are focused on enhancing and expanding their existing offerings. The low rho SMD devices will help them achieve their design goals and simplify their installation methods."

Model Numbers:


The "micro" prefix refers to the 1210 form factor, the "nano" prefix refers to the 1206 form factor, and the "mini" prefix refers to the 1812 form factor. All form factors have an R1max of 10 to 25 milliohms. In response to the market trend for more compact electronic devices, TE Circuit Protection will continue to enhance the low rho SMD family.


$0.15 at 100Kpcs




8 weeks ARO

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